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Tracey Le Make-Up and Hair provides mobile hair, makeup, and lash services in Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland.  Available for beauty, fashion, editorial, film, and tv.




Q: When and where are wedding day services and trials held?

A: All wedding day services are mobile, so we would be happy to meet you at your preferred location. Clients often feel more confident knowing that we can make them look great in any circumstance!  Trials are best held during the day when lighting is sufficient.  Having a table, mirror, and chair in a room close to a window is best.  In many cases, trials are held in Tracey's home studio in order for sessions to be efficient.

Q: What happens during a trial, and how can I prepare myself?

A: Your trial date is the day you get to relax and have fun while we style your hair and makeup! The goal is to figure out the best look for your wedding day or special occasion.  Your dress, jewelry, hair accessories, color scheme, and personal style will play a huge role in your final look.  We make sure to take detailed pictures and write down instructions so that your look can be replicated. Trials also help you to see how your look fairs throughout the day, and how we can make further adjustments on the day of.

1) Book off 3.5 hours of your day for the trial session.  Please provide us with the best options for parking to allow easy access to your house or building.

2) Please be ready with cleansed skin, preferably moisturized daily at least a week before we meet. For best results, exfoliate the night before the trial.

3) Hair should be washed the night before, and blow-dried fully before bed. For extra oily scalps, either wash the night before and put in a dry shampoo the morning of, or wash the morning of and dry fully. Do not style hair or add in product unless it has been discussed. Please do not braid or tie your hair, especially when wet!

4) Have 2 hair and 2 makeup photos that best represent how you want to look on your wedding day or special event. If you are unsure of what you want, we are happy to make suggestions before and during your trial. Together, we will find a look that highlights your best features, and is unique to your personal style!  A lot of clients will send pictures of their preferred styles (and photos of their dress and accessories) through email beforehand, to help get the creative process flowing!

Q: What are the benefits of airbrushed foundation and do I need it?

A: Airbrushing covers the skin with very thin and undisturbed layers, allowing for more coverage with less product.  It is light enough for natural coverage, yet easily builds up to full tattoo coverage.   Many clients love how refreshing and cool it feels when being applied on the skin. and how lightweight it feels.  Airbrushing is just one of several methods of applying makeup, and does what any seasoned artist is capable of doing with a brush!  In the end, the best method of application will depend entirely on your skin and your preferred skin finish.

Q: Can you accommodate my large bridal party?

A:  We will always bring enough stylists to do hair and/or makeup for any party size, and for any location.  All assistant stylists are highly trained professionals that best represent the company.

Q: How much time is allotted for a bride and bridesmaid's hair and makeup?

A: Brides booking hair and makeup typically take 2-3 hours, averaging 2.5 hours,   A bridesmaid or guest will need 35 minutes for makeup, and 45 minutes for hair.  Hair extension application will need an extra 10 minutes.  For ethnic brides needing hair piece,  jewelry, and dupatta setting/application, it will likely take 3.5 hours total.

Q: How long will hair and/or makeup services run on the wedding day?

A: Our goal is to get both the bride and the whole party done in under 3-4 hours!  This beats having only 1 artist styling the average bridal party in 6-7 hours!

Q: How can I return hair extensions to you?

A: They can either be express shipped to our address, or they can be dropped off by you or a family member.  If it is convenient, we can arrange to meet as well.  Our hair extensions need constant care and are in high demand, so they do need to be returned within 3 days.

Bridal Tips for Wedding Day


  • To keep on schedule, please have surface areas at your prep location cleared off and ready for us to set up.  One regular dining or office chair will be required for each stylist doing hair/makeup.  For everyone's convenience, a set up near an outlet, and close to a window is best. 
  • If certain bridesmaids/attendants are scheduled to start first, make sure they know what time we will be arriving so that they can be there and ready before the start time.
  • Anyone getting hair done should wash hair the night before, or if any insist on washing the day of, please let them know their hair must be fully dried before we start on them!  And hair that not pre-curled or flat ironed will be easier to manage.  Also, a clean face would be best! Let everyone take a look at our pinterest board for some hair and makeup ideas if they don't have any already.  


  • You will be receiving a complementary touch up kit which has products mostly for you (the bride!).  There will be some blotting papers for everyone, but if any of the bridesmaids have a tinted lip gloss/lip color that you approve of, then we recommend they bring that for touch ups.  Another recommendation is for you or a friend to bring along 1 tube of lash glue to put in your kit. In your touch up kit are a couple of bobby pins, safety pins, band-aids, q-tips, lip applicators, eye drops, and tissues.  You will also get a sample lip gloss/cream that is close to your chosen lip color.